Date: 12th June 2007 at 1:30pm
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Fulham chairman Mohamed Al Fayed has offered his support to Sheffield United as the Blades prepare to find out their fate for next season in the coming week.

Al Fayed was quoted in the Sheffield Star saying ‘If any club brings in players without approval, how can they just want to fine them, because it affects other clubs.

‘We are going to arbitration to teach them a lesson. Why do they make favours?

‘If the arbitration is fair and people who know about law and about justice, we are on the right side. If arbitration fails, we go to court. I am a man of principle.

‘I just don’t let people get away with unfair and unjust practices, especially the Premier League.’

Al Fayed’s support comes on the eve of Sean Bean’s trip to Parliament, where the star will be accompanied by a 100-strong delegation, as the Blades kick off their ‘Fight For Fairness Campaign.’


12 Replies to “Al Fayed Supports Blades”

  • So that’s now Sean Bean, Al Fayed, 50 MP’s and Michael Palin who support us, but still can’t see it being enough 🙁 They’d make an interesting dinner party though 😉

  • The support of Al-Fayed doesn’t often help people at all, sadly…if anything it does the complete opposite!

  • You might be right but at least it gives the case a bit more publicity. Means Prem lg can’t just quietly sweep it under the carpet.

  • Oh but they’ll still try SB!!! why do u think they told clubs not to pursue the original decision!

  • Hopefully they’ll be a big turnout in Sheffield tomorrow to show we’re not gonna role over and forget!!

  • Sorry boys but although WHU have got away quite lightly you can only blame yourselvers, if you were good enough to be in the PL you would still be in it, I’m afraid you blew it all on your own so accept it. You should have won more games and then this season you would still be playing the elite rather than a big game against Colchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your right Dicksy, we had it in our own hands and we ****** it up! Still doesn’t make the Premier Leagues decision right though does it!?

  • we here in the papers this mornig that you could have done the samthing with steve kabba tut tut you should practise what you preach

  • Not the same thing, SU (allegedly) actually influenced another team’s selection whereas WHU signed a contract allowing a third party to sell their player which was never acted on.

  • Just accept your fate, even if you got reinstated you would only get relegated in the spring again and what a waste of time and effort that will be!!!!!!!

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